Therapy Services

My Approach

I focus on a behavior-based approach with all my patients. This has proved to be an effective approach with those on the Autism Scale, as well as with patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and related disorders.  I know it takes the effort of many to surmount some of the challenges we face, and I’m dedicated to supporting my patients and their families as we work toward happier, fuller lives for all involved.

Who I Serve

I work with children and young adults up to college age with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and other special needs. I also work with families of these patients as it relates to their children and their disorders.

For patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I utilize an approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis, which seeks to identify and replace maladaptive behaviors. LEARN MORE

For patients with depression, anxiety, and related disorders, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). including Exposure Response and Prevention Therapy. LEARN MORE

I offer training for parents living with a wide range of challenges that arise in working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  LEARN MORE


I provide group therapy for children and teens, as well as parent training groups. LEARN MORE

I offer training for supervisors and staff of group homes for children with developmental disabilities.


I am available for patients with special concerns that make accessibility an issue. When circumstances dictate a need, I can provide my services in the home, school, community or where the concerning behavior occurs.