Applied Behavior Analysis

For patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I utilize a strong approach known as Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. I work especially well with teaching children and teens to follow parent and teacher directives (compliance), social skills training, toilet training, and aggressive patients who may be harmful to themselves or others. ABA seeks to identify maladaptive behaviors that cause problems within the families of those with autism and replace these behaviors with appropriate, positive behaviors more suitable for both child and family. This is achieved over time, through positive reinforcement in the form of rewards for more appropriate behaviors; the ultimate goal is replacement of dysfunctional behaviors with functional ones. Once behavioral issues are addressed, we work to replace positive reinforcements with more natural rewards. For many families, this behavioral approach has been life-changing, and the advantages this offers to children on the spectrum is immeasurable in terms of the opportunity it affords them to have happy, healthy lives, and fulfilling relationships with the ones they love.

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