Photograph of Dr. Tammy Dobbs licensed clinical psychologist at the beach in California

About Me

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my approach. It is important to know who is working with your child and family, and one of the best predictions of therapeutic progress is the connection between individual and the psychologist.

I started my academic career and profession simultaneously in 1997. After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Chapman University, I went to work first in early intervention for children who were medically fragile, had special needs, or delays in development. I also began working on my master’s degree  from Walden University, while working in a classroom for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

After completing my master’s, I began doing in-home parent training and behavior intervention with children and teens with ASD. In 2005, I began working for a large corporation across California, opening new offices, hiring staff, and supervising staff who provided applied behavior analysis. At this time I completed a second master’s in forensic psychology from the Professional School of Psychology in Chicago and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Walden University.

I retired from my corporate position in 2013, and began my professional experiences to become a licensed clinical psychologist and gained 3000 hours of supervision in the areas noted below.

I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience working with individuals with anxiety and related disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders as well neurological and psychological testing. I also ran social skills, anxiety and bullying groups. Naturally my experience with working with individuals with ASD and now anxiety and depression came together and many of the patients I work with have ASD,  Anxiety and Depression.

After completing all the requirements to be a licensed clinical psychologist, I opened my office in the Village of Arroyo Grande California. I serve patents across the central coast as well as patients who live out-of-county through my telemedicine practice.

I’m based in Arroyo Grande, where I live with my lovely husband. We have five wonderful kids between us, and from our oldest (proudly serving in the US Navy), to our youngest ( a promising golfer and a future Eagle Scout) we are a family on the move. We love the beautiful central coast, where we live, and and stay active in the outdoors - our family practices martial arts, and my husband and I are currently planning a trek on the John Muir Trail.